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See live video of your company from any location with
Internet access or a modem.

Screen Shots
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Remote view software
over the Internet/Intranet

The Server Screen with
different available layouts
Video is digitally recorded on a hard drive, providing many times the quality of time lapse VCR's. You may instantly access recorded events, without interrupting the recording process. Our systems include a built in web cam server, requiring nothing but an internet browser at the remote end. You decide the detection areas, and it only records when there is motion present, no more searching hours of videotapes looking at nothing. Utilize your existing cameras; just plug the cables onto the server. Throw away those poor quality time-lapse videotape systems and upgrade to digital quality with zero maintenance.

 Complete System
Complete Surveillance System with outdoor weatherproof or mini-dome color cameras. Perfect for the "do-it-yourself" person who  wants a quality system at a wholesale price. These systems are complete, ready to install. All components are plug and play, with factory-installed connectors.

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